Saturday, May 26, 2007



Previous incarnations have included painter,
firefighter, amateur kickboxer, gardener,
postal worker and superintendent.

OmahaRisinG last featured in Hamilton in 2003.
He will refeature at LiT LiVe, this time on June 3rd.

In 2001, Omaha ran the weekly series POETICA
in Toronto, where he lives and plays poetry.

He plans to be fully published by the end of
this decade, after which he intends to get
out of poetry. In the meantime, he has
produced an interim book that will be
revealed at his upcoming feature.


statue entranced
statue entrancing
parts the reception
teflons innuendo eyes
your job: be beautiful

he sees superplatinum
aggressive feminine
drag-queen female
parading hips
small enough to be male
come-fuck-me hipswing
flashes wrap-around skirt
hints its nothing
gush of long legs
creams his open face
see-through blouse hides
the revelation: perfect breasts
champagne glass, no droop
nipples desperately erect

androgyny short hair
he doesn’t care
wants it all
blows words
over his cocktail
you catch the drift
with a vulva-red pout
drop it at your feet
make it beg for attention

he will never know
that slomo shun
sliding sunworth
as you tupperware
those loose feelings
taking them out
only when it suits you
whenever there's need
of some alien heat


uppity proletariat strikes
the heart of a reason
wrests rightful nests
from fist intransigence
shoved into pockets
of despoiling history

sweatback pride rides
despair destroys grope
grip slips the tenuous
holds to hope
familiar necessity
devolves as urgency

other-side shit
moray-eel mouth
chattering ass holed
with the fox with its ilk
selfrighteous entitlement
slicked its legitted premise

words are mind, given a life
time to unmake the old con
flicked in the face of those
who buy it, eat it, suffer it


déjà you defines view
bottle hair crowns pyrite personality
you play your flower across the bar
drop nectar in ears
of needs too-long sublimated
insinuate the possibility of pollination

attention starved
you probe for nourishment
in a gathering of eagerness
yet recoil with leper civility
dismissive of a subtle touch
hand innocently gestured

you hunger on
drift to another field
dream of something edible


god-damn insane
now a certainty
if not before
not: climax
jacked elation
you went down
to kiss the ground
arm still outstretched
no longer to jerusalem
hand quarter turned
away from the nazi
paradise squared
birthday gifted
never again
in [y]our mind
execution hood
bushed citizenry
stars and stripes
military machine
chained justice
worth proven


style is what words wear
when words worth attentive eyes
present themselves to the world
where importance looks good
but more important: potent
good looks better only
when voice sounds, sends
linguism beyond tried and trite

the bespoke maker bespeaks
a fly standard flown with edge
stitched laborious in syllables
fit and respective of breaks
legitimating lines, stanzas
signifying an art yearning
to habit an ear burning
for just the right stroke

custom-made poetics engage
to marry art to expectation
delivering transcendence
to users zonked on sonics
an addiction of consequence
beyond mere paginal fluffery
as it powers past its past
rocketing its keepers


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